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Communicating with Credibility as an Emerging Leader

Recertification Hours: 15
Approved for HR Credit

  • Communication
  • Consultation
  • Leadership & Navigation
  • Relationship Management
Program Overview
The effectiveness of HR leaders often hinges on the ability to develop relationships with other leaders, communicate in a way that creates support, convey credibility in interactions with all levels (especially executive and board level stakeholders) and build coalitions to drive business results. This requires a broad range of communication, advocacy, influence, customer service and presentation skills. Case studies and practice sessions develop influence and communication skills that generate support for HR leaders and their positions.

Program Objectives
  • Describe the importance of credibility in effective communication and influence by HR leaders.
  • Assess the image you present to other leaders and identify ways to enhance your image.
  • Develop strategies and approaches for effective relationships with business leaders.
  • Position ideas based on the points of view of others, and use influence and advocacy skills to impact decisions.
  • Prepare and present a proposal to senior leaders, stakeholders and the board that will position ideas for acceptance.
  • Identify implications for creating credibility in global organizations.


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