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Building a Flexible Workplace

HR Certification Institute: Approved ProviderRecertification Hours: 7.75
Approved for Business Credit

Program Overview
Learn how to build and launch an effective and sustainable workflex strategy and program. Award-winning organizations were interviewed and have supplied samples of their practices, strategies and templates to allow participants to learn how to:

  • Build the business case for workflex and the strategies necessary to sell it to senior leaders.
  • Assess and analyze their own culture’s appetite and appropriate solutions in workflex.
  • Develop a comprehensive workflex strategy for their organization, including a workflex policy.
  • Learn how to track/measure and report success.

In this hands-on, interactive program, participants will identify the most strategic way to position and integrate workflex for success in their organization and into the strategic objectives (making it a way of life). They’ll be introduced to resources that will help them customize their workflex strategy, policies, guidelines and implementation plan. Lastly, they will learn key steps to creating a successful and sustainable workflex strategy and implementation through a series of case studies, exercises and key learning experiences from HR professionals experienced at designing and implementing workflex strategies in their organizations.


 Delivery Methods


Onsite Training Modified to meet your needs

  • 1–day Onsite Program
  • Customizable Program

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