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2013 Workflex Conference


When asked to describe the meeting in one word or phrase, 2012 attendees said: enlightening, fantastic, forward-thinking, inspiring, invigorating. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be enlightened by attending this year's conference.

Hear what a few more attendees had to say about their experience:

"I loved how accessible the speakers were. Coming from a company that is not new to flexibility, the conference opened my eyes to the struggles some HR professionals experience in the area of flexibility. I made several contacts and got to meet both keynote speakers. I came home feeling reinvigorated and proud of the work my company has done."

"I was able to establish connections with SHRM leadership and learn more about the Family and Work Institute (FWI). The knowledge and resources I gained at the conference will help me in future client engagements to position our workplace solutions to match Sloan Award and SHRM WorkFlex expectations."