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Preconference Workshop

Tools, Tools, Tools ... You Got Them, But Do You Know How to Use Them?

Workplace Application: This “how-to” session will evaluate all available recruiting tools, teach you the skills to use them effectively and provide metrics that drive return on investment.

Having tools to do a job is only part of the solution. Knowing how to use them is the key to their success. It seems that every day we are bombarded by e-mails taunting new tools that will promise us access to unlimited candidates. With the promises these tools make, why are so many positions left unfilled? These tools may provide access, but most recruiters forget about engagement—not knowing how to leverage the information these tools provide renders many of them expensive paperweights. Do you really need more tools or just more education to effectively use what you already have? And should the metric measure the tool, or recruiters’ use of the tool?

Presenter: Stephen A. Lowisz, president & CEO, Qualigence, Livonia, Mich.


Important note: In order to attend either of the preconference sessions, you must also register for the full conference.  The workshops are not available separately.

This session counts for four hours of general recertification credit.