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Sample HRGames Competition Questions

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Below are sample questions used in previous competitions. These specific questions will not be used in future events, but are provided to illustrate the types of questions used in HRGames competitions.

Acronyms - 100

What is Management by Objectives?

Planning & Staffing - 100

Activity seeking potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies is representative of.
What is recruitment?

Benefits - 200

A benefit that pays medical expenses of employees over the age of 65.
What is Medicare?

Starts with "A" - 200

A set of simulated tasks or exercises that are used to determine managerial potential of employees.
What is an assessment center?

Compensation - 300

When an Org wishes to maintain an experienced workforce, they base their pay system on this.
What is seniority?

Training & Development - 300

The final step in the training and development process.
What is evaluation?

Technology - 400

Organizations send this document to HR software vendors to solicit bids.
What is a request for proposal (RFP)?

Health & Safety - 400

This is an increasingly publicized phenomenon described as a state of extreme fatigue or frustration.
What is burnout?

Job Analysis - 500

Job duties that employees in a position must do to be an effective employee.
What are essential functions?

Starts with "W" - 500

The act of disclosing illegal or immoral workplace practices to authorities.
What is whistle-blowing?

Labor Relations - 600

This negotiating strategy focuses on dividing a fixed economic "pie" between two sides.
What is distributive bargaining?

Leadership Theories - 700

The "least preferred co-worker" is associated with this man's contingency theory of leadership.
Who is Fred Fiedler?

Legal - 800

Compulsive gambling, kleptomania, and pyromania are not covered by this.
What is the ADA?

Management - 900

International framework of rules & principles for reducing trade barriers.
What is the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade? (GATT)

Motivation Theories - 1000

According to expectancy theory, to motivate employees, pay should be based on this.
What is performance?

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