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Preparing a Team for the HRGames Competition

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Many students and advisors find the process of preparing for HRGames a daunting one. Past HRGames participants have recommended various methods to study for the competition. Here are some suggestions:

  • At the end of late November/early December, choose members of your chapter to be HRGames team members and begin practicing for the games.
  • Some chapters hold mock competitions to select individuals for their teams.
  • In late January/early February, begin meeting twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half for practice.
  • Use of flash cards or similar materials will help tremendously.
  • Two weeks prior to the state or regional games, increase practice sessions to 3 or 4 times a week.
  • Have students study in the car or on the plane to the competition.
  • Spend the night before the competition sequestered at the hotel prepping for another 3 hours.

Putting in a lot of effort before the competition has been shown to pay off.

Here are some recommended study materials for HRGames participants:

  • SHRM Learning System Glossaries
  • HRCP flash cards
  • Heneman & Judge. Staffing Organizations (5th ed.)
  • Byars and Rue. Human Resource Management (8th ed.)
  • Anthony, Perrewe, and Kacmar. Strategic HRM (2nd ed.)
  • Mathis & Jackson. Human Resource Management (11th ed.)
  • DeSimone & Harris. Human Resource Development (2nd ed.)
  • Gatewood & Feild. Human Resource Selection (5th ed.)
  • Jones and George. Contemporary Management (4th ed.)
  • Bounds, Dobbins, and Fowler. Management: A strategic perspective (2nd ed.)
  • Sherman, Bohlander, & Snell. Managing Human Resources (11th ed.)
  • Schuler. Managing Human Resources (6th ed.)
  • Scarpello, Ledvinka, and Bergmann (2nd ed.)
  • Mondy, Noe, and Premaux. Human Resource Management (8th ed.)
  • Dessler. A Framework for Human Resource Management (2nd ed.)
  • French. Human Resource Management (3rd ed.)
  • DeCenzo and Robbins. Human Resource Management (5th ed.)
  • Fisher, Schoendfeldt, & Shaw. Human Resource Management (6th ed.)
  • Cascio. Managing Human Resources (7th ed.)
  • Martocchio. Employee Benefits (1st ed.)
  • Milkovich & Newman. Compensation (8th ed.)
  • Martocchio. Strategic Compensation (3rd ed.)
  • Bergman & Scarpello. Compensation Decision Making (4th ed.)
  • Henderson. Compensation Management in A Knowledge-Based World (9th ed.)
  • Carrell, Elbert, & Hatfield. Human Resource Management (6th ed.)
  • Fossum. Labor Relations (9th ed.)
  • Sloane & Witney. Labor Relations (10th ed.)
  • Hogler. Labor & Employment Relations (1st ed.)
  • Herman. Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations (4th ed.)
  • Carrell & Heavrin. Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (7th ed.)
  • Leap. Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations (2nd ed.)
  • Vecchio. Organizational Behavior (2nd ed.)
  • Kreitner & Kinicki. Organizational Behavior (2nd ed.)
  • Robbins. Organizational Behavior (9th ed.)
  • Ehrenberg and Smith. Modern Labor Economics (3rd ed.)
  • Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright. HRM: Gaining a Competitive Advantage (5th ed.)
  • Martocchio. Employee Benefits (2nd ed.)
  • Dreher & Dougherty. HR Strategy: A Behavioral Perspective for the General Manager (1st ed.)
  • Noe. Employee Training and Development (3rd ed.)
  • Werner and DeSimone. Human Resource Development (4th ed.)
  • Williams. Management (3rd ed.)
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