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Aaron Dignan


Aaron Dignan,
Founding Partner, Undercurrent

@aarondignan on Twitter


Lessons Games Teach Us about Enhanced Performance


A founding partner of the digital strategy firm Undercurrent, co-founder of the marketing agency Brandplay and the author of Game Frame: Using Games as a Strategy for Success, Aaron Dignan advises global giants such as GE and Disney on the best methods for leveraging digital resources to improve marketing, HR management, future planning, decision-making and other business processes.  Combining his brand marketing background with his work on the frontier of social interactivity, Dignan is an expert on engaging the “born digital” generation with the “gamification” of jobs and business processes.


In this dynamic presentation on the many benefits and uses of gaming in the workplace, you’ll learn how to tie game playing to business or other real life goals.  Dignan will provide proven strategies for creating games to teach business or social principles, increase motivation and improve job performance. 


Using real life situations, Dignan will illustrate methods for adding elements such as chance, competition, puzzles, team work and other game-style mechanics to a wide variety of tasks and procedures.  You’ll discover the most effective game ingredients and walk away with practical ideas for designing behavioral games for almost any situation.

Gaming has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques for motivating, teaching and developing new talents.  Popular with staff, especially the X, Y and Millennial generations, games increase engagement and motivation, leading to more successful implementation of new goals and procedures.


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