SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference




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October 28 - 30, 2013

San Francisco


The content-rich concurrent sessions offered at the SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition cover an extensive and inclusive range of diversity-related topics. Sessions are organized by focus areas.

Advancing Your D&I Competencies
These sessions will help you understand your own cultural preferences, conflict resolution and communications styles, as well as those of others. You’ll gain new insights and get expert advice plus practical strategies for relating to different groups of people. Speakers will explore ways in which you can make your organization more inclusive and appealing for all types of groups.

Managing Your D&I Initiatives
Get both innovative and practical how-to ideas for developing a harmonious workplace that not only accommodates differences but leverages them for greater productivity. These sessions provide practical steps backed up by solid research for recruiting, managing and accommodating disabled employees, different generations, cultures, ethnicities, religions and more.

Taking Your D&I Strategies Global
Managing a diverse workplace is always a delicate process, but especially challenging when your workforce speaks different languages and reflects different cultures. These sessions offer real-life strategies for leveraging the contributions of an international workforce, maintaining harmony and creating a corporate culture that knows no national boundaries.

Executing Your D&I Strategy
These sessions will give you concrete steps for implementing diversity and inclusion in your workplace, with advice on dealing with a wide range of challenges, determining your ROI and getting buy-in from all levels of management. Speakers will help you solidify your overall diversity and inclusion strategy and show you how to measure the ROI of your diversity initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion Game Changers
These sessions highlight the stories, strategies, setbacks and successes from some of the most innovative, admired and successful organizations in the D&I space. Presented by senior-level diversity professionals from various sectors/industries, you get practical tools and tips that you can apply immediately upon returning to your workplace.




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