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The Tonya Thomas Story

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At 3:15 a.m. on May 15, 2012, shots rang out in a Port St. John (Brevard County), Florida home. Minutes later, Tonya Thomas and her four (4) teenage children were dead. An intruder, you must think? No. This was a murder-suicide story that stirred even the coldest heart. By all accounts, Ms. Thomas had the typical Monday at the office. But something was stirring deep inside that even the most experienced Human Resources professional could not see. Ms. Thomas, who was employed as a Human Resources Manager for a small local business, put on a good face like most HR professionals do. Why? Because we are the “saviors” and the “knights in shining armor” that always come to the rescue and fix what may be broken in the work place when it relates to employee relations. But who could fix Ms. Thomas? Where do Human Resource professionals go when we are heavy burdened? We could utilize our respective employer’s EAP programs. However, would they truly understand what an HR professional goes through? This is why the Space Coast Human Resource Association sought out an EAP provider that services clients that are Industry Specific.
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