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Felony and/or Misdemeanor Friendly Community Career Fair
Successful Practice Showcase Webinar Series

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As more individuals find themselves out of work, it is now more crucial than ever to connect those seeking employment with those who are looking for qualified employees.  Those individuals who have been "touched by the system" are finding it ever more difficult to find employment and remain out of the legal system.  Recidivism rates in the area can reach over 50% within three years after release and over 60% after six years.  It was for this reason that the Felony Friendly and/or Misdemeanor Friendly career fair was created.  This allows an opportunity for those out of the legal sytem to connect with background friendly employers in their community.  These individuals have paid their debt to society and the criminal justice system and are now ready to move on with their lives and seek gainful employment.  This career fair was a joint effort of public, private, and non-profit groups in the area who wanted to provide their assistance in the program.  After the success of the first year, all involved are now looking at providing more opportunites in the future.

The Mid-Cities Human Resource Association won a 2009 Pinnacle Award for this initiative.

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View 2009 Event Video - "Finding felony & misdemeanor friendly jobs"
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