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504ward: New Orleans Calling
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A core part of the mission of the Human Resources Management Association of Greater New Orleans is "Rebuilding our Community."  One major community initiative that is critical to our city's future is to retain the people that moved to New Orleans to assist with rebuilding and recovery efforts.  Toward this end, "504ward: New Orleans Calling" was formed as a network of professional and community development organizations with the goal of retaining the young talent that is currently in New Orleans (referred to as "504s").  For decades, New Orleans suffered from "brain drain", an outflow of its talent to other cities.  As a result of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, thousands of young people from around the country moved to our city to assist.  HRMA will help us retain young talent through 504ward (a play on the New Olreans area code) by helping them form personal and professional networks, and connecting them to career opportunities in our city.  As a key partner organization in 504ward, HRMA-New Orleans provides networking, career guildance, and mentoring opportunities to the 504s in our community, leading to a "brain gain" in New Orleans.

The Human Resources Management Association of Greater New Orleans won a 2009 Pinnacle Award for this initiative.

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