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100% Chapter Transition Toolkit

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Welcome to SHRM's100% Chapter Transition Toolkit!  A 100% chapter requires all of its members to be national SHRM members.  These chapters receive benefits from SHRM that non-100% chapters do not.  You can read more about those benefits below.  If your chapter is exploring the option of becoming a 100% chapter, this toolkit will give you ideas on getting started.  You don't have to make the transition overnight; in fact, you can convert over a period of years.  Your SHRM regional team can assist you in the process!


Heightened level of professionalism.  SHRM studies show that senior-level HR professionals are more likely to be members of 100% chapters.  Retention rates are also higher for 100% chapters.

  • Professional solidarity
  • Enhanced local credibility

Sense of commitment to the profession

  • Members would probably be more aware of national leadership opportunities
  • Enhanced credibility at SHRM headquarters

Equal information reference base for all members

Greater level of financial support from SHRM

  • $25 per year per SHRM member vs. $10 per year per SHRM member for non-100% chapters
  • Chapter Financial Support Payments (CFSP) paid four times per year instead of twice per year for non-100% chapters. Better cash flow for chapters.

Complimentary "extra" hotel night at the SHRM Leadership Conference for chapter president or president-elect.

SHRM-sent e-blasts (two per quarter) for your chapter to contact at-large SHRM members in your chapter's area, increasing your visibility.

Speaker from SHRM staff at no charge -- once a year -- based on availability.



Stronger alignment of chapters with SHRM mission and activities.
Strength in numbers, particularly for grassroots/legislative initiatives.
Higher member retention rate as HR professionals who are members of both a chapter and SHRM have a 12% higher rate of renewal.


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