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Workforce Readiness Core Leadership Area
Resources for CLA Volunteers

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2015 Core Leadership Area Conference Call and Webinar Event Schedule

Affiliate Successful Practices Center - Workforce Readiness Initiatives
"At Work in 2020" (HR Magazine®, January, 2010) 
CHOICES Program - Addressing the High School Dropout Epidemic (PDF) - Program Info
       CHOICES (PowerPoint with contact information from May 27, 2009 webinar)  
Not Ready to Work:  The Crisis Facing Our Young People, Our Businesses and our Communities      
from 10/2009 webinar
              Key Findings:  "The ILL-Prepared US Workforce"
              Key Findings:  "Are they Really Ready to Work
New Hampshire Workforce Readiness Toolkit (Affiliate Successful Practice Center)
Toolkit: Ten Steps to Becoming a Military-Ready Employer 
Webinars/Webcasts for Workforce Readiness CLA Volunteer Leaders
When Work Works Toolkit 
Workforce Readiness Advocate/Director Positions
      State Council 



Workforce Readiness Related Web Sites
America's Promise
Junior Achievement

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