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Savannah Area SHRM: Preserving Human Capital
2011 Pinnacle Award Winner

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Preserving Human Capital: Workplace Violence Awareness and Preparation Initiative

The Preserving Human Capital education and training program, in a collaborative effort between The Savannah Area Chapter of SHRM and the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office, furnishes essential preparation components to organizations before a workplace violence incident occurs to achieve alignment between organizational policy, public safety response and minimization of loss of life. With the downturn of the economy– workplace violence incidents are statistically growing but organizational preparedness and effective crisis policy management has severely declined. In reaction to workplace violence incidents that have widespread impact: Community leaders are primarily concerned with public safety and Organizations are primarily concerned with business assets and ongoing operations - creating the “great divide.” Human Resource leaders provide a strategic liaison role by bridging the gap of Community verses Organization when provided with the essential tools to analyze risk, improve crisis plan efficiency, and provide preparedness training in collaboration with outside first responder entities and law enforcement. The Preserving Human Capital program includes a one hour certified educational presentation, a two hour “Train the Trainer” session, a presentation CD, lesson plans, and an organizational policy/planning template CD to any requesting organization completely free of charge.

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