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NOVA/Dulles SHRM Mentoring Program

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The NOVA/Dulles SHRM Mentoring Program is a cooperative effort of the Northern Virginia SHRM and Dulles SHRM chapters.  They developed the 2009 Mentoring Program Toolkit to provide guidance and tools to SHRM chapters and SHRM members interested in establishing mentoring programs.  Developing a mentoring program in your local chapter will allow you to engage chapter members, support professional development, and provide a venue for connecting human resource professionals in your local community.  The Toolkit provides information, resources, and tools for implementing a mentoring program in your local SHRM chapter.

Northern Virginia SHRM won a 2003 Pinnacle Award for their mentoring program. 

Updated for 2012!

2012 Mentoring Program Toolkit:  Establishing a Mentoring Program in your Local SHRM Chapter
2012 Mentoring Program Recruitment Video for NOVA/Dulles SHRM Mentoring Program
Program Information - Chapter Website

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