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Heart of Illinois ELITE Youth Program

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The ELITE Youth Program is an intense 10 week in-school program aimed at preparing youth for competitive employment. Students receive training in social skills, employment soft skills, money management, customer service, and other imperative job skills. After completing the curriculum, students are eligible for certification from a community panel. Graduates earn the opportunity to interview for a part-time job from an ELITE employer.

Our Chapter’s HR volunteer workforce of 25 individuals provided feedback on resumes and applications for 170 students participating in the program. In addition, volunteers conducted training sessions in seven area schools on the topics of Interviewing Skills and Job Fair Etiquette. Mock interviews were held on site at each of the schools with additional feedback provided on the spot. All of these activities were to provide students with the skills required to begin employment in the community as a successful employee. An estimate of over 225 preparation hours, 14 classroom hours, 85 review hours, and 70 hours associated with the job fair were logged by our Chapter’s volunteers.

The program’s impact was felt not only in our local Chapter, but reached the lives of young people, their families, future employers, and the community.

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