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Diversity Core Leadership Area
Resources for CLA Volunteers

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2015 Core Leadership Area Conference Call and Webinar Event Schedule
Affiliate Successful Practices Center
Best Practices in SHRM Chapters and State Councils in 2009
Creating a Strategic Diversity Management Plan
Definition of Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity Director Position Descriptions
       State Council
Diversity Survey Template
Employee Engagement Diversity Survey
SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition
SHRM Diversity Program Home Page (HR Disciplines)
SHRM's Diversity Bulletn Board/Forum
Ten Strategies for Achieving a More Diverse Chapter
Webinars/Webcasts for Diversity CLA Volunteer Leaders
When Work Works Toolkit


Archived Resources
Diversity, Inclusion and Your Local SHRM Chapter  (LeadersEdge Article)  

Employing America's Heros: What HR Professionals Need to Know About Veterans (PDF of PowerPoint Only or Webinar with Sound) (February, 2010)
Skill-based Diversity Training (PDF of PowerPoint Only or Webinar with Sound) (July, 2009)
What Today's Diversity & Inclusion Practitioners Know and Do (Webinar with Sound) (August, 2009) A stand-alone PowerPoint version of this webinar is not available 

December 14, 2011 - PowerPoint highlighted in the conference call SHRM Diversity into 2012

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