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Responsibilities of a State College Relations Director

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This State College Relations Director serves as an appointed member of the state council with responsibility to assist and promote student activities within the state.  This individual works closely with SHRM's Student Program Manager in carrying out these responsibilities.  Communicates state, regional and national goals and policies relative to student chapters and student membership to the chapters in the state.  The State College Relations Director should:

  • Serve as a liaison between student chapters within the state and the state council.

  • Promote the formation of new student chapters within the state by identifying potential sites and working with local chapters to develop these sites.

  • Serve as a communications link between student chapters and SHRM in disseminating information relative to student programs, scholarships, certification, student conferences, etc.

  • Encourage participation of student chapters in the SHRM Regional Student Conferences and Case Competition on the state and/or regional level.

  • Coordinate a state student conference or promote student activities at professional conferences within the state, region or at the SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition. 

  • Work with student chapter advisors, chapter college relations chairs (chapter liaisons) and chapter presidents to encourage student participation in local professional chapter meetings.

  • Encourage professional chapters and state council to offer assistance to student members through scholarship programs, internships, special student activities, or sponsorship at local, state, or national conference.

  • Encourage professional chapters and state council to develop recognition programs for chapter advisors including, but not limited to, sponsorship at local, state, or national conferences.

  • Provide guidance and direction to chapter advisors and chapter college relations chair (student chapter liaison) relative to organization of new chapters, integration of Student Merit Award Program into student chapter activities, and opportunities for incorporation of student and professional chapter goals.

  • Encourage student participation in the SHRM StudentFocus and national awards programs.


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