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Net-working: Technology Hasn’t Changed the Game- Just the Rules of Play

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Webinar Overview:

Companies aren't always aware that their newest hires come to work with an extra set of hands…and minds to help with problem solving- an entire network of them actually (and still 40% of companies block Facebook and Linkedin…or think they do).

Thirty years ago if you read an article that made your job easier and wanted ask a follow up question, thank the author and learn about what he or she was thinking of next, it might have taken a month or more to close the communication loop. Today, in seconds, you can thank them, make your query, get a response  and deploy a Google Agent to instantly supply you with anything they publish.

Finding a job hasn't changed much but the importance of having an employee referral inside the firm you have targeted can now be measured accurately- and it is the difference between a 1/500 chance or a 50/500 chance of getting hired. Which lottery would you enter?

Social network analysis will change organizational structures and supercharge employee performance. What are you doing to develop yours?

This webinar will emphasize 10 networking ideas for work, play and career management.

About the Presenter:

Gerry Crispin, SPHR, is an international speaker, a thought leader, Co-author of 8 books and 100 articles, and a former general manager of a recruitment advisory services firm as well as a former HR practitioner and leader in Fortune 50 firms.

He is also an active SHRM volunteer who is currently leading a national, multi-year standards task force on Staffing and Workforce Planning that was launched by SHRM in May 2009.

Gerry's views on employment strategy, hiring process and staffing technology are sought by many of the world's most competitive corporations.  His long term research on subjects like source of hire and the candidate experience is shared with thousands of HR and staffing professionals each year at SHRM national conferences and many other industry events.

Along with his business partner and co-founder at CareerXroads, Gerry facilitates intense, small-group meetings with staffing leaders who work at 70 of the world's largest and most competitive multi-nationals to analyze cutting-edge employment issues, share staffing best practices, and help re-invent the recruiting function. Collectively these firms hire several million new employees every year.

Gerry still sees himself as a student and, in the last several years, he has interviewed and observed job seekers and employers in China, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia and the UK to examine how cultural differences impact recruiting practices.  His most recent trip to India with a SHRM delegation was in December 2009.


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