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Benefits of Affiliation

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Access to a National Network of Student Chapters—Student Chapter affiliation taps you into a network of more than 450 student chapters, which can be excellent sources of information and support.

Assistance—From SHRM staff to help generate chapter activity and participation.

Billing Autonomy—SHRM invoices all members directly for their dues. If your chapter decides to assess local student chapter dues, it is the chapter’s responsibility to invoice and collect such dues. Some student chapters offer reduced local dues or charge no local dues to SHRM student members.

Student Chapter Merit Award Program—This program recognizes student chapters that have achieved excellence in operations and programming for members. The Student Chapter Merit Award Planning Workbook is designed to walk the chapter through the planning process for developing the scope of work for the upcoming academic year.  Chapters report annually using an online year-end report.  To achieve Superior Merit Award, Merit Award or Honorable Mention recognition, besides completing the year-end report, chapters must properly display their affiliation with SHRM through proper use of the SHRM “AFFILIATE OF” logo, maintain the required SHRM membership minimums and submit an annual Student Chapter Information Form.

Distinction of Being a Part of the World’s Largest HR Association—Affiliation with SHRM is among the most recognizable symbols of your student chapter’s commitment to the HR profession.

Student Chapter Supplies—Receive supplies and resources free of charge that will guide you in managing your chapter and in organizing exciting programs for your student members. Chapter supply mailings are automatically sent to the primary chapter advisor each August and January.

Leadership Development—Develop your leadership skills through the experience of chartering a new organization on your campus.

Experience the “real world” of human resources—through interaction with HR practitioners in your local professional SHRM chapter.

Networking Opportunities—Network with the business leaders of today and make the contacts that will help you find a job tomorrow.

Questions?  Contact Student Programs at or 1-800-283-7476.


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