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Advisor and College Relations Volunteer Resource Center

Advisor Role

Chapter advisors play an integral role in the success of a student chapter by advising and assisting the students in running their own chapter. Listed below are the major functions of the chapter advisor: 

  • Act as official point of contact for the chapter and share information from SHRM with the student officers and members.
  • Ensure chapter meets all requirements for remaining active:
    • Submit a Student Chapter Information Form EVERY YEAR- Due June 1st
    • Submit a MINIMUM of Section 1 of the Merit Award Report EVERY YEAR- Due April 15th
    • Submit the Roster Update Form- Due October 15th
    • Maintain a minimum of 8 student members with active SHRM memberships
    • Maintain an active SHRM Professional, General, or Associate membership. Advisors have a one year grace period after becoming an advisor in which to join SHRM.
    • Designate a current SHRM Student Member as the Chapter President
  • Oversee transition of officers and training of new officers. Maintain chapter history and records from year to year.
  • Work with student chapter liaison to foster leadership and organizational skills in student chapter executive board. Attend chapter meetings and offer guidance as needed.
  • Screen and sign off on student membership applications. Since the cost of student membership is subsidized by the Society, only eligible students qualify for the student rate. The advisor's signature on an application represents approval of the applicant as a qualified student.  
  • Act as advocate for the chapter in school affairs as needed.