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Advisor and College Relations Volunteer Resource Center

Advisor Role

Chapter advisors play an integral role in the success of a student chapter by advising and assisting the students in running their own chapter. Listed below are the major functions of the chapter advisor: 

  • Act as official point of contact for the chapter and share information from SHRM with the student officers and members.
  • Ensure chapter meets all requirements for remaining active:
    • Submit a Student Chapter Information Form EVERY YEAR- Due June 1st
    • Submit a MINIMUM of Section 1 of the Merit Award Report EVERY YEAR- Due April 15th
    • Submit the Roster Update Form- Due October 15th
    • Maintain a minimum of 8 student members with active SHRM memberships
    • Maintain an active SHRM Professional, General, or Associate membership.
    • Designate a current SHRM Student Member as the Chapter President
  • Oversee transition of officers and training of new officers. Maintain chapter member database, chapter history and records from year to year.
  • Foster leadership and organizational skills in student chapter executive board. Attend chapter meetings and offer guidance as needed. 
  • Act as advocate for the chapter in school affairs as needed.