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Global Special Expertise Panel

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Areas of Expertise:
International HR practices
International assignment management
International law
Local country workplace and employment laws
European Union directives on workplace and employment
NAFTA labor provisions
ROI of international assignments
Global relocation
Global compensation and benefits issues/Global costs of living (also C&B)
Global tax and social security issues/Pension portability (also C&B)
Hazard pay (also C&B)  
Risk management - kidnapping, emergency evacuations, security issues abroad
Selecting staff for global assignments (also workforce staffing)
Critical success factors for international assignees

Expatriate family support
Hiring foreign nationals (also workforce staffing)
Laws that apply to US firms operating abroad
Laws that apply to foreign companies operating in the U.S.
Visas, immigration laws U.S. and all countries (also workforce staffing and deployment)
Cultural differences and business practices between countries
Local country collective bargaining processes/strategies and concepts
Local country ethics and customary business practices
Effective use of translators and translations
Foreign language training
Global performance management processes
Global talent management processes
Region/Country of greatest HR experience/knowledge
Global mindset
Global management competencies

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