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Ethics/Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Special Expertise Panel

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Area of Expertise:
SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards in HR Management
Building an ethical organization
(Codes of conduct and standards of business conduct/Conflicts of Interest)
Procurement/supply chain ethical practices
(Ethical accountability)
Ethics tied to any HR program, process and/or policy
Global ethical standards and practices
Ethics and social media
Human rights and fair labor standards
Social responsibility
Volunteerism and philanthropy programs
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) guidelines for CSR
Business case for ethics and CSRS
Sustainability standards
Community regeneration
(e.g., organizational sustainability through support of education and workforce readiness)
Environmental regulations and government reporting related to the workplace
Business interaction with government entities and government employees
(e.g., False Claims Act, FAR regulations, corporations hiring former government employees
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