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How the Database Works

Member Information

  • You can search the database using any combination of the following: SHRM Member first name, SHRM Member last name, location (either by city, state, zip code, area code or country), local chapter affiliation, company name, company size, industry code, job title or job function.
  • Match Terms Exactly: Any text you enter will be matched exactly. For example, if you type "Jo" as the first name, only members whose first name is "Jo" will be returned in the search results. Members whose first name is "Joe" will not be returned in the results.
  • Match Beginning of Terms: Any text you enter will be matched against the beginning of the corresponding information in the database. For example, if you type "Jo" as the first name, all members whose first name starts with "Jo" will be returned in the search results. This would include Joe, John, and so on.
  • Allow Wildcards: If you choose this option, then you may use the asterisk (*) character to match any number of characters. For example, if you type "Tr*v*" as the first name, then all members whose first name starts with "Tr" and contains a "v" will be returned in the search results. This would include Travis, Trevor, and so on.
  • Note: The examples above apply to any field for which you can enter text, not just the first name field.

Display Options

  • You can search results by: first name, last name, city, state, country or company name.
  • You have the option of choosing how many results per page.

General Information

  • You will receive a general results screen, which will include the person's name, job title, city, state and country. You can then click on a person and will receive additional details about the member to include person's name, business title, company name, city, state, country, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Some members choose not to include certain pieces of information in their listing; therefore, a member can exclude, for example, their e-mail address.
  • In general, members' geographic locations are based on their work addresses, rather than home addresses. Exceptions: When the member has provided no work address or works out of his or her home.
  • You will see results for every member who matched your criteria on the first results screen. You are then allotted 10 detailed results daily. This is done to maintain the security of the information contained in this database.
  • Although the use of the database is open to both professional and student members of SHRM, only the names of national professional members are listed in the database.

Search Strategies

  • You can search using any combination of criteria. For example, if you wanted to search for all the people named "Smith" in "Ohio" you could do so. Or all SHRM members at employed by Acme Widget. Simply select the fields you are interested in searching. Leave all other blanks (or, if the fields have pull down menus, the word "all" should appear).

  • For the most specific geographically based searches, use the zip code field. For example, if you are looking for someone working in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, enter "68102". If you wanted to widen your ara to Omaha in general, you could search for "681". Or, if you wanted to widen your search further, you could enter just "68" or "6" in the zip code field. If you are not certain of zip codes in the areas you are searching for, click here for the U.S. Postal Service's zip code guide. (Use your browser's RETURN button to get back to this page.)

  • If you are not sure how a name is spelled, enter the first few letters. The database will search for all names beginning with the characters you have provided. Example: Typing "Johns" in the last name field will search all Johnsons, Johnstons, Johnstones, etc.

  • You may wish to search for a first initial rather than an entire first name. For example, if you search for "Sue," and the member is entered in the database as "Susan," you will not find a match.

  • Note that the database distinguishes between job title (i.e., position within an organization) and job function (i.e., the type of work the person does). SHRM members provide this information when registering with SHRM.

  • Remember, you are limited to ten searches per day. If you plan to do multiple searches, you should plan out your search strategy before beginning.

  • There are other resources for searching for names, mailing addresses and phone numbers available on the Internet. Two of the best are Yahoo's People Search and Switchboard. (Note: These services are not endorsed by SHRM, nor does SHRM provide any information to these services.)

Need Help?

  • Some international numbers may not reflect the international calling codes necessary to dial abroad. If you are unsure of whether a number includes its international dialing code, click here for a list of those codes.

  • If you are searching for someone whose name includes an apostrophe (for example, O'Brien or O'Hara), do your search without the punctuation (that is, OBrien or OHara).

  • This database search tool has been tested and works with several browsers including Netscape, Internet Explorer, America Online and Prodigy. However, there are many browsers on the market, and we cannot guarantee that this database is compatible with all of them. If you are unable to perform searches, be sure you are using the most recent version of your browser software.

  • Please contact SHRM at to report problems using this search tool.

  • If this search tool is not compatible with your Internet access, you can call SHRM's Member Services division at (703) 548-3440; a representative can conduct the search for you. However, you will still be limited to ten searches per day.
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