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Workplace Flexibility

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SHRM believes that the United States must have a 21st century workplace flexibility policy that meets the needs of both employers and employees. Rather than a one-size-fits-all government mandate, the policy should be a new approach that reflects different work environments, representation, industries and organizational size. To access SHRM's Workplace Flexibility Resource Page, click HERE.

Flexible workplace policies are designed to support employees in balancing their work and family obligations; provide paid leave to the employee; and at the same time provide certainty, predictability and stability to employers. Under this new approach, employers that meet a safe harbor leave standard would not be subject to federal, state and local leave requirements. Alternatively, employers that chose not to offer this leave standard would be subject to existing federal leave requirements.

To learn more about SHRM's Workplace Flexibility and how it would work in today's workplaces, click on the links below:

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