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Workplace Safety

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In the aftermath of the shooting tragedy at Virginia Tech University and the active opposition voiced by SHRM members to their state lawmakers, workplace weapons legislation in Florida and Georgia appears doomed for this year.

In Florida, the state House Environment & Natural Resources Council voted down on Wednesday legislation (HB 1417) that would have required employers to allow employees to store weapons in locked vehicles while parked on private property.  The proposal, which received significant news coverage throughout the state, was “tabled” (or set aside) by a vote of 10 to 4.  The Florida Legislature is scheduled to adjourn for the year on May 4.

Similar legislation has stalled in Georgia.  Initially, the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee added language in a House-passed concealed weapons bill (HB 89) that would have prevented employers from baring weapons from company property if they were stored in a locked vehicle.  Fueled by strong opposition from the Georgia business community and the aftershock of the Virginia Tech tragedy, key state legislators were reluctant to bring the gun bill to the Senate floor.

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