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Survey Highlights

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SHRM appreciates the nearly 2,000 readers who responded to the survey in our last issue! 

Below is a brief summary of your comments about HR Issues Update:

  • Most readers indicated that the information provided is “just the right detail” and “just the right frequency.”
  • A majority want more coverage on “state issues,” while the rest were equally divided between more coverage of “federal” and “regulatory/judicial” issues.

Here’s what some of you said:

  • HR Issues Update is an invaluable tool.  It’s an efficient and cost effective way of keeping up on the issues.
  • It has become a regular part of my HR resource library.
  • Be a little more open to the needs of employees.  The employees deserve fair wages and benefits.
  • The only problem I have is SHRM’s growing tendency to advocate for liberal-left issues.
  • This is a great service and one that forces me to look at the relevant issues rather than my “own” issues. Thank you.

Again, many thanks for your feedback.  Those still interested in providing feedback on HR Issues Update, please click HERE.


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Federal Snapshot
Spring Break for Capitol Hill

Workplace Safety
Workplace Gun Bills Generating Debate in Several States

Supreme Court News
SHRM Files Amicus Brief in Age Discrimination Case

Survey Highlights
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