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Highlights of SHRM’s 2007 Legislative Conference

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This past week, more than 560 people participated in SHRM’s 24th annual Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. The program featured a balance of Democrats, Republicans, and non-partisan experts, providing SHRM members with the range of information and perspectives.

NBC’s White House correspondent David Gregory provided an insider’s glimpse into how the White House press corps and the Administration fulfill their respective roles.  During a lengthy question and answer period, he said he has a responsibility to question a President from any political party in the same manner.

U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao explained the Administration’s positions on several pending employment and labor bills, and expressed her gratitude to SHRM members for their active involvement in public policy issues.  You can listen to Secretary Chao's entire speechat the SHRM Website.

Donna Brazille, a former Democratic campaign operative, provided her perspective - both serious and humorous - on the upcoming Presidential campaign for both parties.  She encouraged SHRM members to “stay involved” in the political process, regardless of personal views or party affiliations.

Michael Beschloss, one of America’s most recognized historians and commentators, discussed the unique role that historians play in providing a perspective on our leaders’ actions.  He shared intimate anecdotes about Presidents Truman, Kennedy and Johnson to illustrate how great presidents often take risks to achieve change, even if it might weaken their chances for re-election.

In addition to two full days of in-depth sessions on a wide range of workplace issues, SHRM members participated in nearly 300 Capitol Hill meetings with their elected officials.  (See related article in this issue.)

This year’s Legislative Conference also included:

 An advertising campaign in Washington, DC publications to promote SHRM and the importance of HR professionals’ involvement in public policy issues.

 Radio and print media interviews with many SHRM State Legislative Directors to help explain to their local communities how the HR profession is involved in a range of workplace issues.

 An intense focus on SHRM’s efforts to promote a fair, accurate and reliable employment verification system in any immigration reform legislation.

SHRM is a founding leader of the HR Initiative for a Legal Work Forcecoalition.

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