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States Push Fed’s ‘Basic Pilot’ Immigration Program

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While Congress continues to ponder what to do about immigration reform, states are moving forward with their own plans. Unfortunately, many of these state bills would require employers to verify new employees by using the federal government’s “Basic Pilot” system. The Basic Pilot system, a voluntary program administered by the Department of Homeland Security, has been widely criticized as being unreliable.

In a Jan. 24 press release, SHRM President and CEO Sue Meisinger noted that the current Basic Pilot verification system has been “incapable of meeting the needs of our nation’s employers or of protecting the public from identify fraud.”

Last year, Colorado and Georgia were the first states to enact comprehensive immigration reform requiring companies doing business with their state governments to use the Basic Pilot program for new hires. Similar bills have now surfaced in Arizona, Kentucky, North Dakota, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia, among other states.

HR professionals interested in learning more about the Basic Pilot program should access two recent webcaststhat SHRM hosted on the subject.

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