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2010 SHRM Leadership Conference

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As part of last month’s SHRM Leadership Conference, nearly 200 SHRM members traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with their senators (such as these from Iowa with Senator Chuck Grassley) and representatives and push for the preservation of tax-free employer-provided education assistance under Section 127 of the U.S. tax code.

This issue is a priority for SHRM members because Section 127 is scheduled expires on December 31.  SHRM believes this education and training incentive should be extended or made permanent.

At the start of the Leadership Conference, SHRM hosted an Open House at its offices in Alexandria, Virginia.  In the External Relations division – where Government Affairs, Media Relations and Communications are located – it was standing room only in the “We Know Next Lounge,” where SHRM members interacted with SHRM employees and listened to a jazz trio.


Members also competed in the SHRM Advocacy Team dart competition, took part in social media offerings, and even honed their media relations skills by being videotaped while using a teleprompter.

The External Relations division displayed photos of SHRM members meeting with legislators; posters of our recent advocacy ads on workplace flexibility, health care reform, and Section 127; the newest “We Know Next” print ads (which have been appearing in Fortune, Forbes, The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek); and information about SHRM’s external events with business leaders and policy-makers.

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