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Increasing SHRM’s Visibility and Influence

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The week of October 26 was another busy one for the SHRM External Affairs team, as they continued to raise SHRM’s visibility among policy-makers, thought leaders, and the people who influence them both in and out of our nation’s capital. 

  • The New Republic Magazine’s Conference on Health Care
    SHRM was the exclusive sponsor of The New Republic’s “Health Care Reform: Will It Work?” conference this past week.  SHRM’s CEO Lon O’Neil, along with members of the Government Relations team, joined other influential leaders at the event to hear first-hand from White House Health Care Director Nancy-Ann DeParle, Members of the House and Senate, and other experts on the prospects for getting health care reform enacted this year.  Panelists included Shannon Brownlee, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation; George Halvorson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente; Representatives Jim Cooper (D-TN) and Anthony Weiner (D-NY); and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR).

The SHRM-sponsored conference was broadcast on C-SPAN.  You can view the entire event by clicking HERE.  If you encounter problems with the program loading, refresh your browser.

  • The Working Mother Magazine’s Worklife Congress
    SHRM helped sponsor Working Mother magazine’s Conference in New York.  The conference, which explored a variety of family issues ranging from work/life balance to workforce readiness and retention of talented workers, also highlighted Working Mother’s “17th Annual 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers Awards.”  Some of the companies honored at the event for their efforts to create a corporate culture of workplace flexibility included such companies American Express, AOL and Booze Allen Hamilton.



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Increasing SHRM’s Visibility and Influence

Showcasing SHRM at Health Care and Working Mother Conferences

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