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SHRM HR Issues Update

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Background Checks
SHRM Member Testifies Before Congress On Employer Use of Credit Background Checks

At the invitation of Congress, a SHRM member recently explained why credit background checks can be an important hiring tool.  [ More

Member Advocacy

HR Professionals Advocate for Employer-Provided Educational Assistance
In the past few months, SHRM members have been active in urging their congressional members to permanently renew Section 127 of the U.S. tax code, a tax exclusion on up to $5,250 per year in employer-provided education and training assistance.  [ More ]

Health Care Reform

HHS Secretary Sebelius Provides ‘6-Month Checkup’ on Health Care Reform
SHRM sponsored a National Journal Group summit called “Healthcare: A 6-Month Checkup.”  [ More ]

Disability Hiring

Administration Looks at Hiring of People with Disabilities by Federal Contractors
As part of its efforts to increase job opportunities for people with disabilities, the federal government is focusing on rules governing government contractors.  
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Workplace Flexibility

Got Flexibility?  Become a ‘Business Champion.’
Does your organization recognize workplace flexibility as a key element for success in the global market?  
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SHRM Partnerships

SHRM Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion with Key Organizations
Last month, SHRM sponsored and participated in the 2010 Annual Conferences of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF), joining participants such as Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. 
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