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Health Care Reform - Take 2!

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Health Care Reform - Take 2!

Health care reform is back … and it has a familiar name associated with it. This week, Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) introduced the "American Health Choices Plan." This is the senator's first major health care reform proposal since Congress failed to approve the Clinton Administration's "Health Security Act" back in the mid-1990s.

Like the other Democratic candidates for president, Senator Clinton is promising universal coverage, ensuring all Americans have affordable quality health insurance. To achieve this goal, her proposal would require every American to purchase health care insurance, and require large employers to provide health care benefits or contribute to the cost of coverage. A refundable, income-related tax credit would allow low-income citizens to purchase coverage. In addition, the employer tax exclusion for health premiums would be maintained, but capped for individuals making over $250,000. To read more about Senator Clinton's plan, please click here.

Although health care reform will be a priority issue during the 2008 presidential campaign, Congress is unlikely to consider any major reforms before 2009.

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