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Veterans’ Employment

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As a reflection of its thought leadership role on the hiring of veterans, SHRM was invited to participate in a related House of Representatives meeting this week. The House Committee on Veterans Affairs hosted about 25 employers and organizations for its “Veteran Employment Summit of 2011.” 

Participants were asked to discuss effective hiring practices for veterans, the use of mentoring programs, and the obstacles faced by employers in hiring qualified veterans. 

SHRM member Bob Cartwright, president and CEO of Intelligent Compensation in Texas (pictured at right), represented the Society. Through the SHRM Texas state council, he helped create the “Texas Patriotic Promise,” which trains HR professionals and employers how to build a recruitment and retention program for veterans and their spouses, wounded warriors, reservists, and National Guard members. Cartwright discussed the program, along with others that SHRM and its affiliates have created to share effective practices. 

He and other participants described key obstacles faced by employers. They include inadequate programs designed by the military to prepare service members for a civilian job search; the difficulty in correlating military job descriptions to state-required licensing and professional certifications; and the need for better alignment among employers, government agencies, and veteran-service organizations.

The committee will review the summit discussions as it considers federal initiatives to address veteran employment. Video of the summit can be viewed on the committee’s website at:


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