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HR Issues Update

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NLRB Developments

SHRM Files Comprehensive Comments on Board’s ‘Quick Election’ Proposal
On Aug. 22, SHRM submitted comprehensive comments to the National Labor Relations Board in response to a proposed regulation that has earned the nickname "quick election," due to changes it would make to the process governing union representation elections.  [ More ]

Board Issues Final Rule on NLRA Posting Requirement
On Aug. 25, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued its final rule to require that employers covered by the National Labor Relations Act post a new notice of labor rights. By Nov. 14, 2011, any NLRA-covered employer must display a poster in the workplace, plus post the notice on its Intranet, if that's where it normally displays workplace policies.  [ More ]

Workplace Flexibility

SHRM Partnership to Advance Workplace Flexibility Kicks into Overdrive
The SHRM and Families and Work Institute (FWI) partnership to help employers become more successful by embracing workplace flexibility is in full swing. A key component of the new partnership is When Work Works, a nation-wide initiative to bring research on workplace effectiveness and flexibility into community and business practice.  [ More ]

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