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Workplace Flexibility

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Continuing its leadership in promoting workplace flexibility, SHRM has joined the Partner Coalition on Workplace Flexibility – a group of business organizations recognized for their research, thought leadership and public policy efforts in the work-life area.  The coalition has launched a national campaign to broaden employer awareness of the mutual employer-employee benefits of workplace flexibility.  See SHRM’s public policy issue statement on the issue. 

Recently, at the White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility, the administration challenged employers to do more to meet the needs of employees and their families.  Responding to that call, the coalition is encouraging employers to become a “Business Champion” by signing the Statement of Support for Expanding Workplace Flexibility. The benefits of being a Business Champion include:

  • Recognition at a high-visibility meeting at the close of the coalition campaign
  • Permission to showcase a “Business Champion” logo on the organization’s Web site
  • Participation in regional events around the country 

To learn more about the coalition or to become a Business Champion, please click HERE


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The next issue of HR Issues Update will be published on Thursday, September 9, 2010.

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