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“Day Inside the Beltway” events (aka “Capitol Hill Days”) offer an invaluable opportunity to connect HR professionals with their members of Congress in Washington, D.C. SHRM’s Day Inside the Beltway opportunities are intended to strengthen the communication lines between the HR sector and lawmakers in Congress. In addition, the one-day event is an opportunity for HR professionals to practice their civic engagement through legislative activism.

Last week, HR representatives from Rust-Oleum painted the town in advocacy (pun intended) when they converged on Capitol Hill to meet with their lawmakers and advocated on behalf of the HR profession. Specifically, the group (pictured in front of a life-sized replica of 'The Lady of Freedom' which adorns the Capitol dome) discussed immigration reform and the need for a modernized E-Verify process. It is critical that the HR sector is engaged in advocacy efforts in furtherance of the profession. Specifically, as Congress discusses immigration and tax reform, it is likely that policy changes will impact the day-to-day HR operations within your respective organizations.

Don't miss this opportunity to personally experience the inner workings of our government and advocate for HR policies on Capitol Hill. Plan your trip to our nation’s capital! An HR Day Inside the Beltway is an opportunity to:

  • Influence legislation. Capitol Hill meetings with your senators and representatives are valuable opportunities to improve legislation that affects the HR sector. These meetings send a message to senators and representatives that their HR constituents are paying attention, often motivating legislators to get involved with a bill they may have ignored otherwise.
  • Demonstrate extra commitment to your cause. Constituent meetings with senators and representatives in their home states or districts are routine, as they are convenient and inexpensive. But constituents who travel to Washington, D.C., demonstrate an extra level of commitment to their cause. Recognizing the time and expense involved in attending meetings on Capitol Hill, legislators and their staffs are more likely to listen and respond to constituents, particularly to those who have traveled far to be there.
  • Meet and build relationships with the D.C. policy staff. When you meet with members of Congress on Capitol Hill, you meet their policy staff. Policy staffs monitor specific legislative issues—including employment and labor issues. The policy staff usually provides legislators with background information and voting advice on bills.

Capitol Hill meetings are an effective way to educate and build relationships with Washington, D.C., legislative staffers. Even if your legislator is unable to participate, meetings with policy staff can be extremely valuable. If you convince them to support your cause, they can become effective advocates for the sector in policy discussions with legislators.

Join SHRM’s Advocacy Team (A-Team). The A-Team is a group of HR professionals who are committed to educating lawmakers about the work of HR and advancing the interests of the HR profession at both the federal and state levels. As a member of the SHRM Advocacy Team, you will join the ranks of other HR Advocates committed to moving the HR profession forward, and be the voice of our profession. To learn more and to join the A-Team, click HERE.

If your chapter or state council is interested in conducting a Day Inside the Beltway or if you have questions regarding the A-Team, please contact Chatrane Birbal, SHRM’s senior associate, member advocacy, at 703-535-6476 or

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