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FMLA Developments

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Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations

If you've been reluctant to start your summer reading list with the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) 180-page Report on the Family and Medical Leave Act Regulations, SHRM has saved you the trouble. SHRM's Government Affairs department has prepared a summary of the report, analyzing the discussion of more than 15,000 comments by employees and employers.

DOL's FMLA report has eleven chapters. The first chapter addresses employee perspectives on the FMLA, and the remaining chapters discuss the substantive provisions of the regulations, including the definition of a serious health condition, unscheduled intermittent leave, employee rights and responsibilities, the medical certification and verification process, and the substitution of paid leave.

To view a copy of SHRM's summary of DOL's report, please click HERE. To view the entire contents of DOL's FMLA report, please click HERE.

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