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HR Issues Update

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Health Care Reform

Health Care Law Upheld, Its Future Remains Uncertain
Since President Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) in March 2010, there has been endless chatter throughout the country on whether it would ultimately be implemented, repealed or significantly changed prior to 2014 - the deadline for most employer provisions of the law to become effective. Politicians at the federal and state level, including numerous governors, have called for its repeal, and health care is shaping up to be a deciding issue in this November’s presidential election. [ More ]

Pension Reform

Transportation Bill Includes PBGC Rate Increase and Other Pension Provisions
President Obama signed into law the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Bill late last week. The legislation not only allocates funds for transportation and safety projects, but also continues to subsidize the federal student loan program, extends federal flood insurance programs and allows for “pension smoothing” in order to stabilize interest rates and contributions to defined benefit pension plans. [ More ]

In the States

HR Issues Pretty Quiet in the States - For Now
With Independence Day now behind us, the legislatures of only six states (CA, MA, MI, NJ, OH and PA), and the District of Columbia remain in session. [ More

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