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Health Care Reform

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While many powerful groups are leading the debate over health care reform (including doctors, hospitals, insurers and pharmaceutical companies), SHRM is positioning itself to be the authority on “wellness and prevention” – a key component announced by President Obama this week. 

To build recognition and gain greater access, we recently sponsored two key events: 

Congressional Quarterly’s “HealthBeat Policy Conference,” where SHRM’s President and CEO Lon O’Neil met with Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office of Health Care Reform; and

A special Democratic Leadership Committee dinner, at which Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius was a guest at SHRM’s table. 

Additionally, SHRM’s “health care” advocacy print ad has been seen in top news outlets, including special health care issues of The New Republic (which we are told is required reading at the White House and requested by President Obama to be on Air Force One at all times). 

SHRM is also the sponsor of a “health care system map,” which is being distributed to Obama Administration officials, Members of Congress and opinion leaders. 

These high-profile events, sponsorships, and issue advertising are helping SHRM to become a familiar and reliable resource among important decision-makers in Washington.



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