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Workplace Flexibility

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The workplace and the workforce are changing. Workplace flexibility will help ensure your place as a competitive and successful employer that meets the business needs of the 21st century.

Workplace flexibility, or workflex, is a dynamic relationship defining how, when, and where work gets done as well as how careers are organized that works for the employer and employee. Workflex is an important business strategy that helps organizations respond to demographic, economic, and technological changes in the workplace and to community needs. When Work Works, the national workplace flexibility initiative led by SHRM and the Families and Work Institute, administers the Sloan Workflex Award which recognizes employers that make work “work” better with workflex.

Apply for the Sloan Award to showcase your flex strategies AND receive a free personalized benchmarking report. The benchmarking report offers three valuable benefits:

  1. Provides a free personalized and confidential report that compares your organizations flex offerings with other organizations based on nationally representative data.
  2. Provides specific measurements that allow leadership to see the full range of various forms of flexibility and how they are being used in your organization.
  3. Provides reliable data that can help leaders develop or improve strategic goals on workplace flexibility.

Applications are open now through April 5. Don’t delay—APPLY NOW!

When Work Works Update

The following workflex educational programs are scheduled for March:

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