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SHRM HR Issues Update

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2007 Employment Law & Legislative Conference

Highlights of SHRM's 2007 Legislative Conference
This past week, more than 560 people participated in SHRM's 24th annual Employment Law and Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. The program featured a balance of Democrats, Republicans, and non-partisan experts, providing SHRM members with the range of information and perspectives. [More]
SHRM Members Help Educate Congress
Approximately 200 SHRM members from 48 states and the District of Columbia traveled to Capitol Hill this week to share their expertise and explain SHRM's positions on employment verification, workplace flexibility issues, and the Employee Free Choice Act (also known as the "Card-Check" bill).  [More]
Health Care

Confused by Health Care Proposals? Here's SHRM's Guide!
With both the cost of health care and the number of uninsured workers rising, several policymakers have offered reform proposals at both the federal and state levels. To help HR professionals better understand these health care plans and their impact on employees and employers, SHRM created a special guide titled Understanding Health Care Reform: A Comparison of Major Federal and State Health Care Initiative. [More]
Family and Medical Leave Act

SHRM Survey Shows FMLA Needs Clarity
Nearly two-thirds of HR professionals have experienced problems in determining when to grant "chronic leave" under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), leading to employee morale issues and loss of productivity, according to a new SHRM survey.  The survey, which was released by The National Coalition to Protect Family Leave on March 13, 2007, also found that more than half (51%) of HR professionals have faced "significant challenges" in implementing the medical leave provisions of the FMLA.  SHRM leads the Coalition. [More]
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