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SHRM HR Issues Update

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SHRM Launches Coalition on Employment Verification
Under the leadership of SHRM, leading human resource (HR) organizations and thousands of U.S. employers from every sector have launched a national advocacy campaign to ensure that any immigration reform legislation includes an effective employment verification system. [More]
Weapons in the Workplace

"Gun" Battle in Utah
The Utah state legislature is the latest battleground over whether or not employers will continue to determine their own policies regarding weapons on company property.  Ten state legislatures are currently debating proposals that would require employers to allow workers to bring weapons to the workplace.  As the result of letter writing campaigns by SHRM's Utah members and other business groups, Utah lawmakers decided to "kill" the bill for this year. [More]
Organized Labor

House Passes "Card Check" Union Organization Bill
The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation that would allow unions to use a process known as "card check" to determine whether or not employees want to be represented by a union.  The bill, known as the Employee Free Choice Act, would allow union representatives to forego a private vote under the supervision of the National Labor Relations Board.  According to the bill's sponsors, if a majority of employees in a bargaining unit sign an authorization card in favor of a labor organization, the National Labor Relations Board must certify the union as the sole representative for those workers. [More]
Member Advocacy

Maine HR Members Advance the Profession
About 50 HR professionals in Maine recently participated in the second biennial Human Resource Professionals Day in Augusta.  The state's seven SHRM chapters were represented. [More]
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