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2010 Employment Law & Legislative Conference

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If you read or listened to President Obama’s State of the Union address this week, you know that HR-related issues will be the prime focus of his agenda. 

What makes this such an important and exciting time in Washington is the uncertainty and unpredictability of what could happen in 2010.  This is a perfect time to visit Capitol Hill and make your voice heard – as Congress and the President grapple with a sluggish economy, 10 percent unemployment, and a growing federal deficit. 

SHRM Members on Capitol Hill

One of the most valuable benefits of SHRM’s Employment Law & Legislative Conference is the opportunity for our members to visit their elected officials in Congress.  Yes, it’s a fundamental part of our democratic process – but it’s also safe, informative and fun because SHRM provides all the support you need, including scheduling, background papers and talking points, and a prep class on how to be an effective citizen advocate.

Also, you might be interested to know that this year’s closing speaker, Arianna Huffington, is profiled in the February 2010 issue of Town & Country magazine.  The article refers to her as the “queen of reinvention … a biographer turned blogger, pundit turned political force.”  It’s a serious look as a woman who is “ever evolving and always worth watching.”

Arianna Huffington

This year’s conference, which is already more than 80 percent full, will be held on from March 17 – 19 in Washington, DC.  To register or learn more about the Legislative Conference, click HERE.



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