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HR Issues Update
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From SHRM’s VP of Government Relations

A Message from Mike Aitken
The beginning of a new year provides an opportunity to reflect on past activities and look forward to the future. [ More ]

2013 Outlook in the States

Expect a Robust Debate in the States Over HR Issues in 2013!
Unlike Washington, which remains mired in fiscal negotiations due to the impending “fiscal trifecta” (see related story) set to coalesce beginning at the end of February, most states have just kicked off their 2013 legislative sessions and SHRM members need to be tuned in on what’s going on in their respective state capitals. [ More ]

Workplace Flexibility

Why Workflex in 2013?
Leading employers are continuing the movement toward an effective and flexible 21st-century workplace through workplace flexibility. Years of research from the Families and Work Institute and SHRM have shown that workflex is a business strategy that can help both employers and employees succeed. Need convincing? [ More

Health Care Reform

SHRM Webcast Explains PPACA Regs
The IRS has issued new guidance on calculating the coverage threshold of 50 or more full-time equivalents, a key determinant in the application of the new Employer Responsibility provisions (sometimes known as “pay or play”).  An upcoming webcast series, offered by SHRM, looks at all the new regs that are coming online, and will also answer your questions on the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) on your benefits strategy.  For details on this program, click HERE.  Also, in order to keep track of all the developments with the implementation of PPACA, be sure to check out SHRM’s Health Care Reform Resource Page (

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