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A Day Inside the Beltway

The Day Inside the Beltway (DITB) program provides SHRM members the unique opportunity to travel to our Nation’s capital for a day of legislative and regulatory meetings and briefings. Activities include meeting with the staff at SHRM's headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, where staff briefs the members on the issues they will be discussing during their visits to Capitol Hill, as well as how to conduct an advocacy meeting with a legislator or their staff.

SHRM's Senior Associate, Member Advocacy will pre-arrange your meetings on Capitol Hill, as well as accompany you on your visits.  Meetings are scheduled for you to visit the offices of your two senators, as well as your member of the House of Representatives.  Below is an informational brochure that might prove useful in planning your event:

These events provide a great opportunity for you to advocate on behalf of SHRM and the HR profession, to learn more about the political process, and to have a real impact on the public policy debate involving critical HR issues.


 Staff Contact


Questions regarding how to organize a Day Inside the Beltway event should be directed to the attention of Chatrane Birbal, SHRM's Senior Associate, Member Advocacy.