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SHRM Public Affairs

Whether you are a print or online journalist, magazine reporter or broadcast producer, we provide:

  • Press releases on breaking and trending workforce news,
  • Experts for telephone, e-mail, in-person and on-camera interviews,
  • Data and trends from SHRM’s latest research,
  • Access to SHRM’s innovative and informative conferences,
  • Explanations of workplace issues in tip sheets and media advisories, and
  • SHRM’s point of view through commentary in op-ed pieces.

Contact us at

SHRM Media Relations

Kate Kennedy, Media and Public Relations Manager
Phone: 703-535-6260; Mobile: 703-862-5192

Vanessa Gray, Senior Media Affairs Specialist
Phone: 703-535-6072

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Access to SHRM Publications

SHRM publications are produced by a separate Editorial Department for SHRM members. For complimentary press access to online articles, contact Media Relations.

Writers wanting to offer their services to HR Magazine should send pitches to the Editorial Department

Please send press releases for SHRM publications to in the editorial department.

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