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Conference Press Registration

Press Registration Policy:

Thank you for your interest in attending a SHRM conference. If you have any additional questions after reading the Q&A below, please email Vanessa Gray, Media Affairs Specialist (, and she will assist you.

Who can receive complimentary press registration?

Complimentary registration is available to credentialed journalists (i.e., reporters, editors, writers, news photographers, producers and online editors) who work for a publication, news service, broadcast outlet or news site that is regularly issued and published primary for the dissemination of news, and operates independently from any commercial, political, government or special interest.

If you meet these criteria, please email the information requested below, and we will send you a confirmation email within three business days once your credentials are approved.

The number of press credentials for each media outlet is limited. Press credentials are not transferable. 

  • How can bloggers register?
    Bloggers seeking press credentials must be working journalists or be affiliated in an editorial capacity with a qualified news outlet as described above. As a general rule, bloggers must also have been writing daily or weekly posts for at least six months. Consideration will be given to student bloggers who are enrolled full-time in graduate business or HR programs, or who can demonstrate involvement in producing editorial content for collegiate publications, broadcast outlets, or news Internet sites. A social media lounge, separate from the pressroom, is available. Bloggers are asked to use the lounge and not the pressroom.
  • Are press credentials available for others?
    Sales, advertising and marketing staff are not eligible for press registration. Non-media attendees can visit for information on registration.

If I plan to attend, what information do I need to provide?

Please email Vanessa Gray ( with the following information:

News organization, first name, last name, address (including city, state, and zip code), country, phone number, email address, Twitter handle, and dates that you plan to attend the conference (i.e., Sunday, June 22; Monday, June 23; Tuesday, June 24; Wednesday, June 25; or the entire conference).

What is the next step after receiving a confirmation email?

SHRM's website is the best resource for information regarding conferences. One week prior to the conference, you will receive an electronic press kit which will include all the information you will need right at your fingertips (i.e., press room information, program, SHRM media affairs team contact information, etc.).

Print copies of the media packet will also be available in the conference press room. Don’t forget to bring photo identification when you arrive at the conference.
What other benefits are available to credentialed journalists?

The pressroom offers complimentary items including water, sodas, lunch, wireless Internet, and a comfortable and quiet workspace.

Several press briefings will be held in the pressroom, and SHRM staff, member expert and concurrent speaker interviews can be conducted in the pressroom.

Interviews of exhibitors can take place only in the exhibition hall.

What restrictions are there on video, photography, speaker interviews, etc.?

Advanced permission is required for news cameras and radio broadcast onsite during SHRM conference, and recordings of all or portions of conferences without prior approval from SHRM are prohibited.

Video of general sessions is prohibited, and keynote speakers generally are not available for interviews. B-roll video of public areas of the conference -- exhibition hall and SHRMStore, for example --- and video interviews of SHRM staff and member experts are possible.

Please check with SHRM Media Affairs staff for any restrictions on photography.

Many concurrent session speakers are available for interviews; check with Media Affairs for possibilities.

What do I do once I arrive at the conference site?

Those registering on-site must provide press credentials as well as a valid photo ID. All media must pick up their own press badges at the pressroom check-in desk, which will provide access to all sessions and the pressroom. Media visitors or family members are not permitted inside the pressroom.