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Weekly e-bulletin highlighting critical HR issues.
HR Magazine ®
Award-winning magazine available online and in print.(Internet-only members do not receive printed versions, but can access the articles online).
HR Knowledge Center
Staffed with experienced, certified HR professionals who respond by phone or email to your HR information requests.
HR News
The latest HR business and government news including featured articles, HR News Weekly Quiz, archives and more.
Free newsletters that keep members up-to-date with events and issues affecting the HR profession.
SHRM Webcasts
On topics that affect you and your company. All qualify for recertification credit, unless noted.
Research Articles
These include white papers, ROI and HR Metric articles, etc. in a variety of HR Disciplines.
Federal Legal & Regulatory Resources
  • Analysis of Federal Employment Law
  • Federal Court Report, Legal News and Legislation
  • Federal Statutes, Regulations and Guidance
  • State & Local Legal & Regulatory Resources
  • State Statutes and Regulations
  • Analysis of State and Local Employment and other laws
  • Leading Indicators of National Employment (LINE®)
    Tracks monthly labor trends, including hiring projections released one month ahead of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Employment Situation report. Exclusive metrics include compensation and recruiting trends.
    Trends and Forecasting
    Reports identifying emerging issues that may affect the workplace.
    Virtual bookstore for HR publications and SHRM accessories, discounted for members.
    Survey Findings
    The latest findings on pressing HR and business topics. You may also receive 1 PHR or SPHR recertification credit per year for completing a SHRM research survey.
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