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SHRM Foundation Research


Achieving Fairness When Treating Employees Differently: The Case of Idiosyncratic Deals (I-deals) 

Funded: December 2011   Expected Completion: January 2014

Sandy Wayne, Ph.D. and Robert C. Liden, Ph.D., et al, University of Illinois at Chicago

The proposed study investigates an important human resource management practice—idiosyncratic deals (i-deals), defined as nonstandard work arrangements, negotiated between employees and their employer, that benefit both parties.  Extending prior research, our study aims to delineate the intermediate processes through which i-deals influence individual performance and team effectiveness.  A U.S. restaurant chain has agreed to participate in this study.  We plan to survey employees and managers of 76 chain restaurants and test the proposed model with hierarchical linear modeling.  Results of our study will provide key implications for how to retain top-talent through i-deals without damaging team dynamics and performance.

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